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Attractions by Preference!

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Name of the Attraction
Cambridge North London Famous Streets and Neighbourhood
Hampton Court Palace South West Stately Homes and Castles around London
Good for children
Houses of Parliament Westminster and St James Landmarks (view from outside)
Kew Gardens South West Parks and Gardens
Good for children
National Gallery Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square Art Collections (pre 20th century)
Oxford West London Famous Streets and Neighbourhood
Saint James's Park Westminster and St James Parks and Gardens
Good for children
St Paul's Cathedral City - St Paul's Churches and Temple
American Connection
Tate Modern Bankside - Southwark Museums - Art 20th century
Tower Bridge City - Tower of London Landmarks (view from outside)
Historic Building (to visit)
Tower of London City - Tower of London Historic Buildings (to visit)
Good for children
Westminster Abbey Westminster and St James Churches and Temple

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