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Transport for London

If you are looking for an interactive map of the tube: Text TUBEMAP to 60835 . This service is available for all Orange, O2, T-mobile users using a compatible Java system. Otherwise, many tube stations have small maps of the area available to the public.


Journey Planner: One of the best system to find your way.

Journey Planner

and if you are on your way, just text where you are (station, postcode,...) and where you want to go to 60835. Or text only your tube line to 60835 for an update.

You will find also on plateforms Information points. Press the green button and wait for someone to pick up your call.

Looking for a taxi?: Text CAB at 60835 and you will receive three phone numbers (2 taxi companies and 1 black cab).

Where is my bus? Text the number of your stop to 87287 you will receive information regarding all bus stopping at that stop.

You can also register for free travel alerts. You can stay inform by registering to Live travel news.


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